DALC Dress and Appearance Code

(Items prohibited in the DISD Dress Code are also prohibited at DALC)


General Standards

  • All students will abide by the established dress and appearance code in order to board the bus.
  • Students shall maintain the following dress and appearance standards on the bus and at school.
  • Repeated dress code violations will result in failure to earn good credit days.


  • Jackets/Sweaters/Coats must be taken off at the DALC entrance
  • Should not be worn in the building at any time without specific approva
  • Will be returned to the student prior to boarding the bus in the afternoon
  • All outerwear is searched  after it is turned in each morning

All students, both male and female, must be dressed as follows.

pants/trousers/slacks                                            top                                                                     shoes     

dark blue or black                                              solid white pull-over “polo shirt”                      tennis/athletic styles
worn above hips                                                logo no larger than half-dollar                          no sandals, open toe/heel
properly sized                                                   short or long sleeve                                              no house shoes, boots
no tears, rips or cuts                                        properly sized                                                       no jeans or shorts                       
tucked in so that pants waistband shows      


undershirt (optional)                      belts (optional)                        hair accessories

white tee shirt                               brown, black only                               elastic ponytail holders or “scrunchies”
no writing or pictures       no markings with standard buckle       knit headbands, ribbon solid colors only: navy, black, white


   male appearance                                                              female appearance

mustaches and beards are prohibited,                      foundations/undergarments not visible through polo shirt
and faces must be clean-shaven                                no dresses or skirts  sideburns stop at bottom of ear lobe
nails clipped short                                                      nails no longer than 1/4" past finger tip
                                                                                     no colored polish or nail tip (white French manicure ok)



gang  styles or appearance               

jewelry of any type                        

notched eyebrows                    

pierces including tongue rings            

hair carvings or designs                 


plastic or metal barrettes, clips, hairpins plastic or metal headbands, picks/combs             

hats/caps, bandanas, scarves, hairnets                 

inappropriate decorations, logos, advertising on tee shirts/jackets

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