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Regular Office hours: 7:15am to 2:45pm



Lisa Cook-Johnson

Desk: 281-229-6419

Fax: 281-229-6403



Registrar Clerk: Spanish

Cesia Cubias

Desk: 281-229-7835



Has the student moved?

  • Please complete a Change of Information form.
  • Mail it to DHS or Email it to CCubias@DickinsonISD.org or fax it to 281-229-6403 with proof of address and Guardian's ID.
  • Proof of address must have Guardian's full name and full address on it.  It must be a current water or electric or natural gas bill or a copy of the current lease or mortgage with the start date and signature page.
  • Proof of address & Affidavits info DHS only accepts A & C affidavits
  • If the student is living with another family, you need a caregiver affidavit 
  • If the student's family is living with another family, you need a Residency affidavit

Do you need to enroll at DHS?

Do you live in the DISD area?



New student registration is 

Detailed instructions are available at www.dickinsonisd.org/newenrollment.

After completing the New Student Online Enrollment application, the parent and student must complete the enrollment process at Dickinson High School by calling 281-229-6460 and making an appointment the first week of school only. 

(Starting 8-30-21)During the normal school year is

School days 7-9 a.m.  All paperwork and required documents must be completed before 9am to enroll that day.  Student will enroll and start classes on the same day.  So please be in dress code.  

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide copies of the following documents. If these records are not available, please contact your previous school and have the records faxed to: (281) 229-6403, Attn: Registrar.

  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Student’s Immunization Record
  • Proof of Residency (current utility bill (electric, gas, or water) or lease/mortgage/tax statement in parent’s name)
  • Valid parent ID (Driver License, passport, or military ID)
  • Student’s Medication information, if applicable
  • Student’s Social Security Card
  • Court paperwork for Guardianship(s), if applicable
  • Complete copy of Divorce/Custody documents (all pages), if applicable
  • Special Education/Section 504 information, if applicable
  • Copy of last report card if the student is transferring from another District, as well as the name, address and phone number of the last school attended
  • High School students are asked to bring a copy of their unofficial transcript to assist with the selection of courses

For a student living separate and apart from his or her parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control under order of a court, the adult District resident with whom the student resides must provide proof of residency in the same manner as a parent. Residency Affidavit

This agreement is used if the parent is giving education rights to a person other than the parent (i.e. family, friend or neighbor), due to the student residing with someone other than a parent. Guardian affidavit

 The District will investigate stated residency as necessary.

There are two ways to access Online Enrollment depending on your situation:

  1. If the new student has siblings in DISD, AND the parent enrolling the student has a Skyward Family Access login, then the parent will login to Skyward Family Access and click on New Student Online Enrollment.

Skyward enrollment

  1. If the parent enrolling the student does not have a Skyward Family Access login, AND there are no siblings in DISD, then the parent must first request an account. After requesting an account, the parent will receive an email with their login information.

New to DISD skyward enrollment

Do you have a fine?

All fines MUST be paid before records will be released. How to pay online

DHS fines or call 281-229-6510

Library fines or call 281-229-6440

Student Username: DISD followed by Student ID (a.ka. Lunch Number)

  • Example: DISD12345

Student Password: Disd followed by 8 Digit Date of Birth

  • Example: Disd01032005

Lunch Money fines or call 281-229-6059

Textbook fines or call 281-229-6492

Fines may be paid on line by the parent/guardian logging into their skyward account and clicking on the fee management tab.  If you cannot pay on line with a credit or debit card, the students or the parent/guardian may pay the fee in the front office at Dickinson High School with cash, a cashier’s check, or a money order.  Please email VCary@DickinsonISD.org with any questions about fees or payment. 


Are you needing student records?  A letter of enrollment?

All student fines MUST be paid before request will be processed.

  • Complete the request form and return it to DHS with the fee.
  • It may be mailed or dropped it off in the DHS front office with the fee. 
  • The fee needs to be cash, cashier's check, or money order. 
    • we are not set up for debit/credit cards
  • All requests received & paid for before Tuesdays will be ready for pick up on Wednesdays. They may also be mailed, emailed, or faxed on Tuesday instead of pick up.

Are you needing a form filled out for Social Security?

  • Guardian needs to fill out page 2 completely.
  • Have student sign and date it.
  • Email ALL pages to CCubias@DickinsonISD.org
  • I will fill out page 3 and email it back to you.
  • If student withdrawals, I will mail page 4 to the SS office.
  • All requests received Tuesdays will be ready for pick up on Wednesdays. 
  •  They may also be mailed, emailed, or faxed on Tuesday instead of pick up.

Parents and student have a skyward account where they can see and print off student information.  Students and Guardians have separate accounts.  If a guardian is needing their log in information, email CCubias@DickinsonISD.org.

Student use DISD and your ID number for your log in and Disd and your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY) for your password.

See attachments for more information.



Are you needing your STAAR scores?

Click on the link

Click on Find My Access Code

Fill in your information

Click Go twice



Are you needing a copy of your transcript for school or work?  
  • We can fax or email unofficial copies.
  • We can mail or electronically send official copies.
  • Official copies come in a sealed envelope and should not be opened before given to the school or job.
  • Active students may print an unofficial copy with their skyward account.  Look under Portfolio then attachments.

Unenrolled & Graduated students:

  • All student fines MUST be paid before request will be processed.
  • Complete the request form and return it to DHS with the fee.
  • It may be mailed or dropped off in the DHS front office. 
  • The fee needs to be cash, cashier's check, or money order. 
    • We are not set up for debit or credit card payments.
  • All requests received & paid for before Tuesdays will be ready for pick up on Wednesdays. It may also be mail, faxed, or emailed out.


Enrolled 9-12th grade students:


Enrolled students only Naviance link. For additional instructions view the video link: https://youtu.be/c3yulOcihlM

Unenrolled & Graduated students only Paper request form

Are you leaving DHS?

  • If you are needing to withdraw your student, please complete the withdraw form and submit it to DHS with your ID. 
  • If you are going to educate your student at home, please complete the "Home School" form.
  • If the student is returning to the country they were born, please complete the "Return to home country" form.
  • If you have already enrolled at another school, please have the school complete a proof of enrollment form and send it to us.
  • If you have gotten your GED, we will need a copy.
  • Once you have withdrawn from DHS, you will be considered a dropout until you have enrolled in another TEA approved educational program.
  • All students fines MUST be paid before records will be released.

Getting your Driver's License? 

  • need Student's Full name, Date of Birth, and student ID number.
  • If approved, It will email it back to you.


  • All student fines MUST be paid before request will be processed.
  • These are based on attendance.
  • Student must be active at DHS.

If the student needs to ride the bus to or from school:

  • We need proof of address on file for this school year  or an alternative bus form completed in the main office.
  • Only the parent or guardian on file may request an alternative bus route.
  • Alternative bus routes must be at least for 2 weeks.
  • Student may request a bus pass during lunch in the Registrar Clerk's office. L125

Email:  CCubias@DickinsonISD.org 

To see what your bus info is http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=DI04271338981


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