Welcome to Mrs. Wilkinson's 8th Grade STEM ELA
COVID-19 Update:  All Grades are due Wednesday, May 13, by noon. 

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Enrichment Weeks 7-9 : May 4 - May 21
Student Enrichment can be found on Google Classroom page.

April 27-May4:

Complete TEKS 8.8 B and 8.10 Bi + Read 30 minutes each day:

Complete the 2 TEKS. Reading a Poem  & Writing a Poem
Read Poem
TEKS 8.8-  I can analyze the effect of graphical elements such as punctuation and line length in poems across a variety of poetic forms such as epic, lyric, and humorous poetry;

STEP 1-Read a poem of your choice, or the poem attached. As you read, make annotations to support your understanding of what the text is about. 
STEP 2- Write a summary of the text. Be sure to include the key details. 
STEP 3-Complete the following stems: 
 What I notice that is unique about this poem is________.
One connection I make between myself  and the author is_____.

Composition and Writing
TEKS 8.10Bi - I can compose literary texts such as poetry using genre characteristics and craft;
STEP 1- Freewrite- Think about all the weird little things you will remember from this experience during this time of quarantine.. (objects, places, truths) Describe as much as you can. 
STEP 2- Read the attached poem noticing the parts that you find interesting. 
STEP 3- Notice the structure.  
STEP 4- Write a poem. Right now you have a freewriting page of thoughts, interesting noticings, a structure. 
STEP 5 - Put your poem on weekly blog on KidBlog about Life During Quarantine: Join Code: 4sbh78
See what you come up with! Use any of those, change any, and see what you can write. 
*Be sure you take a picture or share a copy with your teacher. You will need your prewriting for next week.

ELAR 8th grade Virtual Lesson Week

My hope is that you are enjoying what you are reading, that you are spending time writing, and that you grow as both a reader, writer & poet.

If you have questions on any of these assignments, send me an email or join me on Tuesdays during our weekly ZOOM meetings, 10:30 - 11:15.

You did a great job last week. I miss you.

Mrs. Wilkinson

Students need to work from Google Classroom assignments.

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Mrs. Wilkinson


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Kranz Junior High
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Welcome to Mrs. Wilkinson's 8th grade STEM ELA Class.
Take a quick peek to see what we will be working on this year. 
Each night students are to read for 30 minutes

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Unit 1: Theme: Challenges of Heroism Close Readings:Epic Poetry/ Mythology Writing: Definition Essay Unit 2:Theme: Challenges of Utopia Novel Study: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
(Please purchase By October 20)
Writing: Argumentative Essay
Writing: Drama -Solved Mystery
Effective Research
(using primary & secondary sources)
Unit 3: Theme: Challenges Make a  Difference Close Reading :Night By Elie Wiesel
Writing: Multimedia Presentation
‘Do Something!’ & PSA
Unit 4: Theme: Challenges of Comedy
Novel Study: Mars One by Jonathan Maberry (Please purchase by March 1.)
lose Readings: Shakespeare/ Mark Twain/ David Berry/ Jack Prelutsky
Writing: Analysis of Text

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