Welcome to 8th Grade Math!
Christine Gleason

March 19, 2020
Starting next Monday I will holding online office hours from 1-3PM Monday through Friday. You can also email for one-on-one tutorials. Assignments will continue to be posted in Google classroom code slgrqx2. Email me to let me know how you are doing during the shutdown and if you have any questions. See you soon online!


March 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

We are most concerned with the safety of our students.  While social distancing and school closures are in place, I want to share some resources available to you and your child. Please refer to the Dickinson ISD web site for access to enhancement activities and resources.  You can access all information from the Dickinson ISD web site.  There will be information on the main page along with specific information on the campus pages and on the special programs page.  There will be more information added daily.

The district will be distributing lunches for students 11:00-12:00 noon Monday-Friday to be picked up at Dickinson High School off of Owens Dr.  Refer to the district web site for more information.

The district is following CDC guidelines and we are not able to offer large group gatherings or child care at this time.  Stay tuned as information is coming daily.  Refer to the DISD website and watch for emails and phone calls (maybe from unknown numbers) from the district.  We are working to reach students and their families in as many ways as possible.

I also have our class homework Kahoot code: 0364317 available through our Google Classroom website. The code for Google classroom is slgrqx2. Please have students log in using their first and last names only.

Please email me at cgleason@dickinsonisd.org if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Gleason


Welcome to 8th grade RISE math! This is my sixth year of teaching. I am from Tulsa, OK, went to the University of Oklahoma and University of Houston, Main Campus. I am excited for my second year as a Gator at Kranz Junior High at Dickinson ISD!

Feel free to email me at cgleason@dickinsonisd.org, call me at 281-309-3600, or contact me to schedule a conference. My conference is 7th period from 2:23 - 3:15. I look forward to a successful year!

Dr. Gleason’s Syllabus

8th Grade Math 2019-2020

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome! I am so excited to have you in my class! My objective is for each one of you to be successful in math this year! My goal is to see significant mathematical growth in each student while fostering a classroom of critical thinkers! In order for this to happen, students will need to work hard in class and attend tutorials (if needed).

Classroom Expectations



Guidelines For Success



1. Bring all materials needed for this class.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to self when appropriate.

3. Stay on task during all work times.

4. Use appropriate language

5. No food, drink, gum or candy in class unless approved by teacher.

1. Follow directions quickly

2. Raise hand to speak.

3. Raise your hand to leave seat.

4. Make smart choices.


Success requires:


Sit up.

Lean forward.

Ask questions.

Nod head.

Track the speaker.



Conference with student


Gator Violation/ Parent Contact


Referral to the Main Office


Small tokens of appreciation from restorative practices


Verbal praise


Parent Contact

Students are expected to follow all school and classroom expectations and procedures (please see Classroom Procedures document for more information). Various incentives will be given for positive behavior choices. Consequences will be given for negative behavior choices


  • Homework will be assigned Monday thru Friday.
  • Written Homework will ALWAYS be due the next day unless otherwise stated.
  • Homework assignments will be posted on front dry erase board and passed out every Monday.


  • Because learning is an active process, every student is expected to show active participation in class.
  • Participation includes answering questions during class, making relevant comments and suggestions during class, helping other students, and answering homework questions.

Late Work: Late work is work not turned in when requested even though there was no absence from class. If the assignment cannot be completed because the integrity of the assignment has been compromised, then the teacher will provide an alternative assignment.

1 day = -10          2 days = -20         3 days = -30         4 or more days = -50

Make-Up Work due to Absence:

It is your child’s responsibility to obtain any missed work due to an absence. Students shall receive full credit for satisfactory make-up work that is completed within the number of days the student is absent plus one day upon returning to school. So if the student is absent for three days, there will be no penalty for completing all missed work within four days. A student may receive a zero for any test not made up within the allotted time.


In grade 8, promotion to the next grade level shall be based on an overall average of 70 on a scale of 100 based on the 8th Grade Math TEKs. In addition, students must meet passing standard on state assessments (STAAR) as outlined in the Student Success Initiative (SSI requirements). Graded assignments can include: daily work, homework, participation grades, quizzes, projects, tests, and nine-week benchmarks. Percentages (assigned by the district) are as follows:

Formative Assignments/ Assessments: Homework; Daily Work and Quiz Grades; checkpoints, notebooks, labs, journals, and other similar assignments. Teachers will grade a minimum of 12 formative assignments each nine-week grading period. All of the daily work averaged together will comprise of 55% of the term grade.

Summative Assessments: Major Grades; Projects and Tests; CBAs and other major assignments. Teachers will grade a minimum of 4 summative assessments each nine-weeks grading period. There must be a major assignment grade before each progress report. All of the major assignments averaged together will comprise of 45% of the term grade.

Academic Dishonesty Policy:

Students caught being academically dishonest on assignments or tests, will receive a grade of ZERO and possible disciplinary action. (Test retake policy will apply and the maximum they can receive on the retake is a 70. Please refer to the Academic Dishonesty Policy handout for more details.)

Grading Periods:

Students will receive progress report the 3rd and 6th week of every grading period; report cards will be sent home every 9 weeks. Your child may also view their grades at any time through Skyward. Retesting may be requested by a student within one week of a test being returned.

Instructional Goals:

Students are expected to improve over the year based on various forms of assessments. Parents will receive notification via phone, email, Skyward, progress reports, etc. on how their child is performing in math.


  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • graph paper                                                 
  • Three #2 pencils
  • colored pencils    
  • erasers caps       
  • highlighters
  • hand sanitizer (pump bottle)                         
  • facial tissues

(Some of these will be collected by the teacher for classroom use. All other supplies should be brought to class for daily use.)


Tutorials will be held each Monday from 3:40-4:15 on a rotation basis of math teachers. Students must arrange for their own transportation home. Students who do not have a passing average (70) at each grading period are highly encouraged to attend.

Calculators: A TI-Nspire™ CX Handheld will be provided for students to use in class when prompted to. Each student will have an assigned calculator to use during the class period. If something were to happen to the calculator, the student is to report it to the teacher immediately. If a student causes any damage to the calculator, they may be responsible for replacing it or paying a fine of $120.00. It is recommended that students who would like to purchase a calculator purchase a TI-Nspire™ CX Handheld. This is the calculator they will use in class and on the STAAR test.


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 281-309-3688 or send an e-mail to cgleason@dickinsonisd.org  I will get back to you within 24 hours. Please note, during my instructional time, a phone call will go directly to voicemail.

  • My open conference periods are currently Monday and Friday during 7th period, but this availability is subject to change. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a conference. I will be happy to meet with you regarding your child and his/her progress.

Management Procedures:

  • The following is a menu of management procedures to address discipline issues. Teachers may use the following in addition to other management techniques depending on the issue, student, and situation. (no particular order)
  • 1. Verbal and/or non-verbal warning including “the look”
  • 2. Interventions – positive interventions, verbal/nonverbal cueing, private discussion, change seat, proximity, ignoring, etc.
  • 3. Notify parent – see if they can offer suggestions or share in resolving the issue.
  • 4. Have student complete Restorative Practices Behavior Sheet with four questions regarding correcting current behavior
  • 5. Team approach/consult Behavior Coach
  • 6. Conference with parent, student, teachers, and administrators

Year at a Glance: 8th Grade RISE Math

Nine Weeks

Unit Title

Concepts Covered

First Nine Weeks

Unit 1: Number and Operations


Unit 2: Solving Algebraic Equations


Unit 3: Proportional and Direct Variation

  • Convert Rational numbers
  • Operations with rational numbers
  • Classify numbers within the real number system
  • Approximate the value of irrational numbers
  • Convert between standard form and scientific notation
  • Compare and order rational and irrational numbers
  • Write equations and inequalities from a word problem
  • Write a word problem from an equation and inequality
  • Solve equations and inequalities
  • Represent functions in 4 different ways
  • Similar Triangles to find slope
  • Represent and use direct variation proportions from tables, graphs and y=mx


Second Nine Weeks

Unit 4 Slope


Unit 5: Non-proportional Relationships y=mx+b


Unit 6: 2 Dimensional Figures

  • Graph and find unit rate
  • Slope in proportional relationships
  • Compare non proportional representations to proportional representations
  • Determine slope from tables and graphs
  • Write equation y=mx + b
  • Verify that a point is a solution to a system
  • Write equations of lines algebraically and with a calculator
  • Similar Figures
  • Scale Factor
  • Effects scale factor has on Perimeter and Area


Third Nine Weeks

Unit 7: Transformations


Unit 8: Measurement


Unit 9: Data Analysis


Unit 10: Personal


Financial Literacy


Unit 11: STAAR review

  • Calculate volume using “B”
  • Calculate lateral and total surface area
  • Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the missing side of right triangles
  • Determine exterior angles given parallel lines
  • Transformations
  • Scatterplots and Trend lines
  • Mean deviation
  • Use financial literacy in everyday situations


Practicing the Wreck the STAAR Reference Sheet will help all students to pass the STAAR exam in May. Please ask me for a copy of this sheet if you do not receive one from your child.

Thank you for being part of a fantastic year!

With gratitude,
Dr. Gleason

The mission of the Dickinson Independent School District is to ensure that all students have successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives.

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