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12850 FM 3436 RD, DICKINSON, TX, 77539

Phone: 281-339-3614

Hours of Operation 

Monday-Friday 7:30a.m.-3:30p.m 

   Welcome to the Kranz Junior High Library. We are located at the center of the KJHS, because of this, we really do consider our library the central "hub" of the school. KJHS students visit the library through their ELA classes on a two-week rotation. However, the library is open for students to use each day, in the mornings starting at 7:30 a.m. and throughout the day as long as students have an appropriate teacher pass to visit.

   KJHS students may check out two books at a time from the library. Students may keep the books for two weeks, at which time they should return or renew their books.

   KJHS library offers many programs throughout the year such as book fairs, author visits and book clubs. We are looking forward to an amazing year and creating a community of readers. 

Librarianship and education are my greatest passions: I believe that the more we individually learn about the world and about those who share it with us, the more constructive and cooperative our society becomes. Education, in all its forms, allows us to grow and expand as individuals. Librarians are here to support that effort by providing access to varied materials, guidance in how to navigate and understand it, and an environment that cultivates learning. This is what drew me to librarianship; I believe the library is the beating heart of a campus. More than any other facility or program in the school, the library functions as a place for students to extend their education, build relationships and express intellectual freedoms.

                Speaking as junior high librarian, you might suppose that I am biased based upon my own career path. That may be true but I believe that all libraries are alike for these reasons. Regardless of our patrons or community, of all the things we do, the most enduring, the most timeless, and the thing that will give us meaning and purpose long into the future, is our teaching. I acknowledge that libraries as an institution have a broader purpose, but in every library, librarians exist to teach people how to access and use information. Our role as educators and teachers is what makes us unique. In short, I see the heart and soul of libraries is through information literacy.

I also believe that librarianship is about people, both on the public services side and on the management side. I prioritize people over systems, reminding myself daily that computers are tools that serve us and not the other way around. If our systems don’t function as they should, if they freeze or break down, then we should set them aside and find other ways to accomplish our goals. When it comes to my students, their needs are the most important of all, and I will do anything in my power to meet those needs to the best of my ability. I encourage my teachers to do the same. When it comes to the internal environment at my library, I promote positivity, equality and treat all students with respect.

To accomplish our educational goals and support our internal and external communities, I believe it is critically important for librarians to be friendly, flexible, enthusiastic, accommodating, change-loving, and technology-obsessed. In my own teaching, I focus on the students: their needs, their assignment at-hand, and how I can point them in the right direction to get it done. When I’m in front of a class I will do what it takes to get and keep their attention: I’ll be energetic, conversational, and even silly. Above all, I will be human in the hopes that they will respond, in-kind, with their own humanity. Once that connection is made, they will not hesitate to come to me when they need help or for just a friendly visit. My students often tell me that I’m not a typical librarian. My steadfast response is always “Thank you."


Librarian: Holley M. Brown 

Email: hbrown@dickinsonisd.org 

Phone: 281-339-3614 


Library Assistant: Crystal Foreman 

Email: cforeman@dickinsonisd.org 


KJHS 2019 Summer Reading Challenge


Use the list below to choose books to read this summer. Once you finish your book, please fill out the 2019 Summer Reading Challenge form provided below. The books may be physical books, eBooks, and/or audio books! Happy Reading Gators!



  • Read 3-5 Books : Candy or Hot Chip treat from the library.
  • Read 5-7 Books : Wear your slides for one day & candy or hot chip treat from the library.(During the first 9-weeks of the 2019-2020 school year.)
  • Read 8 or more Books : Icee Pops in the Courtyard. (During the first 9-weeks of the 2019-2020 school year.)

*You must fill out the form for each book you read to receive credit for having read the book. Please email the school librarian, Mrs. Brown, at hbrown@dickinsonisd.org if you have any questions.

  • A Book with a Warrior
  • A Book based on a Fairy Tale
  • A mystery
  • A Book you can finish in one day.
  • A Book being made into a movie.
  • A Biography/Autobiography
  • A Book that takes place in Space.
  • A Book under 150 pages.
  • A Book you have read before & loved.
  • A Book that takes place in the Past
  • A Book that is Magical
  • First Book in a Series
  • A Book that takes place in a made up place
  • A story with an EPIC adventure
  • A Book recommended by a friend
  • A Book set in a place you want to visit
  • A Book that has a Hero



  • A Book that takes place in the Future
  • A Book that is over 400 pages
  • Three Books by the same Author
  • A Book you have started but never finished
  • An award winning Book
  • A Random Book chosen by its Cover
  • A Book published in 2017
  • A Book your friend is reading at the same time
  • A Book with a Quest
  • A Nonfiction Book
  • A Book written over 100 years ago
  • A Book considered a Classic
  • A Book with Mythical Creatures
  • A Book based on or around a Historical Event
  • A Book you loved as a kid
  • A Book with teens as the main characters



This is a List of Places Where You Can Go To Find Books This Summer!



  • Dickinson Public Library: Address: 4411 TX-3, Dickinson, TX 77539
  • Helen Hall Public Library: Address: 100 W Walker St, League City, TX 77573
  • Half Priced Books: Address: 961 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058
  • Barnes & Nobel: Address: 1029 Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598
  • Goodwill has books from .50 to $3.00
  • Walmart 
  • Target 
  • San Leon Elementary: Address: 2655 Broadway St, Dickinson, TX 77539!  This is a school in  DISD and it will be open select days throughout the summer! I know its an elementary school, but it has many great junior high reads for the summer. See flyer below! 

Lonestar Reading List

 Click Above to View Lone Star Book Trailers.


Login codes when using TexQuest at Home.


Password: learn 

The mission of the Dickinson Independent School District is to ensure that all students have successful learning opportunities that help them reach their full potential and add quality throughout their lives.

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